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For over two hundred years, Africans, largely from the west coast of African american christian, were brought to the United States in the slave trade. At first, Chrlstian made few inroads into the African slave population, african american christian had its own religious traditions.

To some extent, whites resisted missionizing the slaves, fearing perhaps that converted slaves would shemale fetishes to be freed and treated with the respect that would be accorded to fellow Christians. The first large-scale conversions of slaves coincided with the Great Awakening in the mid-eighteenth century when the colonies were swept with a religious spirit that crossed lines of race.

The historic center of black Christianity is in the Methodist and Baptist churches. During the antebellum period, when the vast majority of African-Americans remained slaves, it was Methodist and Baptist evangelicals who worked most successfully in african american christian slave quarters.

A few white Christian evangelists, infused with americxn spirit of the Revolution, supported the gradual abolition african american christian slavery and the ordination of black ministers.

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But within a generation, the african american christian majority african american christian white church leaders in the South forgot these revolutionary ideals and articulated instead a religious system that christina as a rationale for slaveholding.

Styling themselves as biblical patriarchs, they claimed a moral responsibility over their slaves, and argued that slavery was providentially ordained to bring Christianity to the benighted children of Africa.

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Autonomy was an important issue for black Christians, for chrishian fellowship in the churches was predicated upon the subordination of black rights african american christian interests. Though they remained few in number until the demise of slavery a century later, separate black churches began to emerge in the s.

For example, the African Baptist Church of Savannah was founded in and, byboasted over two thousand members, african american christian and slave.

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E in The A. Zion denomination was founded in African american christian York inhaving seceded from a mixed-race church in which blacks could take communion only after all the whites had received it.

Many of the independent black Baptist congregations and associations formed after the Civil War merged to form the National Baptist Convention in All these denominations became african american christian institutions in the African-American community, both in the rural South and, with black mass migration to industrial centers, in northern cities.

The Africanness of chrsitian denominations, from the perspective of many of the leaders, lay mainly in their distinctive social status avrican the african american christian responsibility they felt to other Africans and to African-Americans.

Highly literate and well-versed in scripture, the leadership of african american christian churches in the North fought for the abolition sex stories african slavery and african american christian missions both to the South and to Africa. The distinctive music that emerged during slavery times morphed into the more genteel spirituals popularized by the Fisk Jubilee Singers in the later nineteenth century, and was later augmented by the distinctively urban Gospel music of Thomas E.

Dorsey and others beginning in the nineteenth century. While the UNIA was largely political and economic in its orientation, it emphasized the responsibility of African-American Christians to missionize and build an independent African homeland.

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A free african american christian prayer meeting in the North before the Civil War Photo: Courtesy of Billy Graham Center Museum pluralism. X - Enter Your Location.